Daniel Corrigan
Daniel Corrigan's power








Mollie Lee, Eric, Rohan,Louisa,Georgie, Rose,Simon,Bud (near end),Clay Cudgens (near end)


Bud (most of book), Clay Cudgens (most of book), Herman Plunkett

DANIEL DATES LOUISA!!! Daniel Corrigan is the protagonist of Powerless. However, since he is powerless, he is the only one able to defeat the Shroud, whose powers only work on kids with powers. He likes reading Sherlock Holmes. He has really good friends with the Supers and is Super in his own way. He has a little brother named Georgie, who also has powers.

In the Middle of the book, Daniel finds out about the other Supers, and plans on sleeping over at Simon's the night before his 13th birthday comes, to see what will happen. When they don't succeed Daniel sees what the monster is but from seeing it sees that it's a person. When he finds a old comic in Eric's Basement that says "Written by Herman Plunkett" He thinks that this can be the Shroud. When he goes to Plunketts' house, he sees an old man that looks familiar to him. When confronts Plunkett about being the Shroud, Plunkett says that Eric is the shroud and hands Daniel pictures to prove that he is the Shroud. After looking at them, and thinking about it for a while, he soon believes this to be true. Daniel starts spying on Eric. When Daniel confronts Eric about his suspicion of Eric being the Shroud. Then Daniel visits Mollie, one of his close friends, and they both decide to head to the old Quarry because the supers are not allowed there. When the two go there they find the Lair of the Shroud and finds all the pictures of the kids he took powers from. They then run into the Shroud. Mollie flies away, leaving Daniel defenseless. After a couple of seconds, Mollie comes back for Daniel and saves him. However, Daniel ends up breaking his arm from the landing. 

In the end of the book Daniel learned that Plunkett was the true Shroud all along. From an old photo his Grandma gave him of the original supers, he also learns that his Grandma was a super too. Unfortunately, Herman unintentionally took away her powers when she took him flying. He then fights Herman in the Quarry, and falls in a hole were he finds Eric lying beside him. Daniel has enough strength to stand up and talk to Herman. Herman tries to convince Daniel to become the other Shroud and hands him a piece of the ring that powers Herman power. But Daniel leans over and rips the ring off of Herman while the Quarry is collapsing on the supers. When Daniel passes he sees a man that he saw before, Jonny Noble. He carries Eric and Daniel to safety. Daniel told the Supers he saw them, but all of them dismissed his claim. Rose, who has the ability to stay invisible, backed up Daniel's claim, as she saw the whole thing while she was invisible.In the very end of the book, Daniel says that the Super's powers stopped disappearing, and they never found Herman's body in the Old Quarry. He also sees that Georgie can lift twice his weight, hinting that he is a Super.

In Super Daniel befriends the grandson of Herman while saving his life. The supers don't trust him but Daniel can see that he is just  curious about them. When He sees that his friends are losing there powers the same time he gaining the same powers Daniels thinks he becoming the next Shroud. On Halloween Daniel steels Erics powers to fight Clay and Bud and Flies for the first time and he also uses the power to fight shadows. When Daniel goes to have a sleep over with Theo he steels Louisa powers on accident and tells her it's only temporary. A few nights later they find out that Plunkett was alive building an army of Shadow and he sees that he was carrying Plunketts ring the whole time. When Clay and Bud tie him up on a tree to leave him behind. Bud unties him revealing that he doesn't want his powers anymore but Daniel tells Bud that he can't do that. What Daniel faces Plunkett again his brother up Plunkett giving Daniel enough time to take the ring back. When the Shadows were released they all went on to there bodies and everybody got their memories back along with their powers. In the end the supers ask Daniel to steal peoples powers becuase they don't know how to use them but Michael and Simon along with Louisa argee with him to Distroy it because Plunkett was to upsets with Power. The book end with Daniel saying that he might be the only person in Nobles Green with no Powers but no one could take the memorize of him flying away from him...                                                                                                                                                                              power absorbtion (formally)- while Daniel held on to the ring given to him by the Shroud, he could absorb powers by touch                                                                                                                                                                             ABILITIES                                                                                                                                                                                        detective skills- Daniel is a natural detective