Mollie Lee is a Korean-American 'Super Kid' (a kid with superpowers) who specializes in flying. She is shown to have a very determined and tomboyish personality and doesn't mind getting dirty. She is helpful and smart and would do anything if it meant saving her friends and the world. Mollie is also a dangerous girl and a risk taker.


Flying- Mollie can soar through the clouds with ease and is one of the fastest flyers in Noble's Green

Super Speed- Mollie can think, react and move much faster than a normal person. This makes it hard for her to concentrate.

Age - 12

Appearance - Is told on page 16 when Michael meets Mollie. She has old and dirty jeans with holes at her knees with Dark, Straight hair. Also, it says on page 167 (During Grams funeral) That, "She was wearing a dark dress with a lacy collar and white stockings," States the text.

Gender = Female

Friends = Rohan, Daniel, Louisa, Eric, Simon, Michael (before) 

Enemies =The Shroud, Clay Cudgens, Bud