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    I'm back

    March 14, 2014 by Iggyvolz

    So... I kindof forgot about this wiki over the past year or so... my life has been insanely busy and I haven't had much time for Wikia. But with the release of the third book, I got interested in the series again and I'm going to clean up this wiki.

    I'm not going to hand out blocks for users who vandalized during my absence, if they continue I'll block them.

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  • Iggyvolz

    Powerless has long been one of my favorite books, and I was shocked today to learn that there will be a sequel, called Super. You can pre-order it here. I have copied over the synopsis:

    Daniel Corrigan is as regular as can be, especially when compared to the Supers: kids in his new hometown with actual powers like flight and super strength. But Daniel's not powerless. Only he was able to stop the Shroud, a supervillian bent on stealing his newfound friends' powers. And thanks to him, his friends got to keep those powers.

    Now Daniel himself is starting to display powers, while at the same time, his friends are losing theirs. His friend Eric thinks Daniel is just becoming a Super himself, a late-blooming one. But Daniel worries there may be …

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